Meer Fietsen dan Mensen...don't ditch the bicycle in the canal, give it a second chance in another country, someone will give it some love again.

We know about the problem Dutch cities have with abandoned bicycles. We think we can solve that problem if we articulate different stakeholders in the consumption chain. All the abandoned bicycles that you find around the cities of The Netherlands, could find new owners in Colombia, we want to connect the dots to make it happen!!! We can help municipalities get rid of the abandoned bicycles in the cities creating platforms for owners to donate then to us, creating secure systems to collect them and avoiding the municipalities the problems ti carries to destroy private property. We will connect dutch companies to ship those old bicycles to Colombia train local businesses to fix them and sell them at an affordable price.

Part of the earnings will fund the whole model.

Part of the fietsen will go to communities in need.

Part of the system will enable stages 2 and 3…

Stage 2 involves distributing parts and bicycles and improving the abilities of Colombian workers to manage the Dutch Technology, which is different from what Colombias are used to.

Stage 3 involves local production for the Latin American Market which will reduce transportation and production costs.

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Isabelle Nuenninghoff
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  • Google "Velafrica" - it is a beautiful initiative that does exactly this here in Switzerland.