Change the general perception of land/property ownership.

The idea of land/house ownership is at fault with any viable, conceivable solution for a sustainable future of the planet.

While the Earth's human population is growing ever more rapidly, the area of available habitable land is shrinking, giving the field to the acquisitions for the industry, urbanisation and exclusive private ownership.

Nobody should claim a permanent right to any land or water mass in the same way as nobody should own the air, the skies or the sun.

Making the land a common good and value would bring greater care and appreciation for it. Ownership and use of land should never be a permanent right, in the way human lives are not to last forever.

Private ownership of the land leads inevitably to the abuse and lack of concern for the latter.

Responsible cohabitation needs to be perceived as natural, ethical, modern and fashionable.

I guess that propagation of the above idea should start at the earliest stage of any social education, with the help of leading influencers and intellectuals.


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What can go wrong?
Nefertari Pramudhita
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  • I like your point about how private ownership will lead to lack of concern later, partly because we don't live forever. But, back in my country, endlessly rent for the rest of your life proven to be unsustainable from an individual finance point of view. Especially for they who live paycheck to paycheck. It is caused by the lack of trust that the government will care for your pension. The only way in to have the peace of mind that you'll still have somewhere to sleep on your retired days are to have some ownership. What do you think about it?

    How can this be improved?
    Cynthia Reynolds
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  • Community land trusts (CLTs) have great potential to bring land and property back to 'The Commons'. As non-profit solutions whose mission is to develop and steward affordable housing, community gardens, civic buildings, commercial spaces and other community assets on behalf of a community. “CLTs” balance the needs of individuals to access land and maintain security of tenure with a community’s need to maintain affordability, economic diversity and local access to essential services.
    You can read more about them here:

    What can go wrong?
    Maria Chercoles
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  • I like your idea, but I see some challenges in implementation because of the long tradition of land ownership, and many people investing their life's savings towards real estate as a security blanket and something they can leave behind to their children. So how do we convince people that their investment is not valuable and they should still accept no-ownership? A middle point is co-ops or housing cooperatives where people pay for their share of the land, but they must respect the land rules. All other co-owners have the right to vote against a user, and to revoke their right of ownership. By co-owning property, people have the benefits of maintaining their capital (something they can pass on to their children) while not owning every single part of it and sharing communal areas.

    You can read more here: