Solving product-as-a-service logistics issues via collaboration

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As more and more people are purchasing their consumables online (food, toiletries, cleaning products etc) the logistics are already in place to collaborate with product-as-a-service solutions.

A family orders their consumables online receiving regular deliveries (example once or twice a week) logistics are in place that already enable the collection of returnables (example bottles: supported by policy and regulation such as in Norway: if a company sells products with returnable bottles, they must offer the collection of them as well)
- The family has planned a party on the weekend with many guests. Instead of using plastics utensils and glasses, they book and order a set which arrives with their next grocery order. Post party, they have them picked up when their next order arrives.
- The same can hold true for trips (camping equipment etc..)
- Toys/game rental - this specific one also enforces the concepts in the next generation, that owning is not nearly as important as access.
- Party clothes, accessories etc...

Connecting the companies that offer consumables with those offering product-as-a-service can remove many of the roadblocks and bottlenecks that exist today in the product-as-a-service scenario.
Technology supporting Terms of Service at granular levels will also help safeguard companies offering services

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