Self-service collection and return

Augmented reality, robotics, VR, self-driving vehicles and blockchain - the tech exists, we just need to implement it.

Some of the roadblocks to supporting products as a service include:
Accessibility, transport, prescriptive maintenance, payment solutions, smartlocks, confirmation of the state of returned goods etc..
Exponential technology is already available that solves many of these issues if properly implemented and combined.

Question: Who are the partners interested in collaborating to make it happen?

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How can this be improved?
Calum Irvine
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  • The value of a manufactured item can be preserved best if it's designed for re-use from the very beginning. I would love to see more product designers and manufacturers work together to implement standards that support the circular economy - perhaps BS 8001: 2017 would be a suitable start? I think standardisation would make the 'self service' concept much more viable.

    How can this be improved?
    Maria Chercoles
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  • I think blockchain presents a lot of opportunities in the shared economy space. An example is the decentralized carpooling platform Arcade City. It is very similar to other carpooling platforms but it uses blockchain to track all its transactions and logistics, eliminating the need to rely on corporations. Since there are no middlemen, employees, and managers, the fees could be brought down significantly. Security is ensured using an in-app rating system.