Turning waste in to profit whist tackling obesity

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In London, the areas are split into boroughs. Each borough has a council and their own separate waste/ recycling scheme. In my borough we have three bins: one for general waste, one for recycling (plastics/ paper etc) and the third bin is for garden waste only. Actually, the third bin was stopped a few years ago and is now run by an independent company who collect it.

My idea is based on this principle. The local council should set up a scheme that gives residents and businesses (most likely to be restaurant businesses) a bin for organic waste; ie fruit and veg scraps. The waste collected should then be used to make gas by fermentation, which can then be used by the local council to either sell back into the nation grid - thus reducing the local tax for shops and residents, or even to set up their own power system that distributes the gas to the local residents and businesses that are in the scheme, meaning that they wouldn't have to pay for the gas or get the gas at a reduced rate.

If the local residents gets their gas for free or at a very reduced rate, they may be more inclined to start eating more fruit and veg and adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the scheme, which means that in the long term, the health of the residents would increase, and the price of their gas bill would reduce.

The biomass left over after fermentation can be sold on as compostable fertiliser material to local farms, can be sold to residents who want to grown their own produce (again, this could help with reducing the purchasing of fruits and veg in wrapped in plastic at supermarkets)


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