DIY odourless kitchen compost bin

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Are you worried to sort selectively your kitchen waste indoors because of the smell it it creates? You don't have to worry about bad odours anymore if you create your own compost bin.

It is a very easy and fast process to make, though if you aren't the crafty one there are odourless compost bins available for purchase on the market too. All you need to do is find a container with a lid, then make holes on the top and glue a charcoal filter  inside the top. The secret is in a simple charcoal filter that is commonly accessible in any pet store because they are often used for cat litters. 

Now off you go and build your own compost bin!

For more detailed instructions with visuals you can check out this website: 

If you are feeling even more creative, you can find on this website also how you can build your own vermicomposting worm farm

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