Shared Platform and Efficient Planning

Sharing the facilities and other common platforms should be the priority for our sustainable future. I have come across below ideas where we can share the facilities so that energy and time can be saved to a larger extent.


  • Installing a sensor for each house/ floor to track energy usage for each appliances used at home which can be later viewed in the website.  Alternate plan or recommendations for the appliances consuming more energy can be provided. Hence energy waste can be minimized.
  • Installing a sensor which can sense outside weather and regulate inside room temperature accordingly along with heating systems and shower without human intervention.
  • Integrating all channels including news channels, podcasts, regional TV channels so that the cable TV or set up box can be eliminated. Using pay per view model and providing group discount just like Netflix the Television platform can be shared.
  • Creating a single web page which displays renting/ co sharing living spaces where people who like to share their living space at a reasonable cost. This can help tourists and other travelers who visit any city for a short period of time.
  • Creating a web page which shows the food prepared by locals or people living in a particular city. The people who are interested will cook food and post them online which can serve few or many depending upon their time and preference. If people start charging reasonably then it will provide business for locals hence tourists or travelers can enjoy local food. If location and reviews are added then interested people can check the menu, location and review online ,pay a visit  and enjoy the cuisine prepared.This works on pay per usage model, this works if trust is earned and efficient service is delivered.

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How can this be improved?
Kushal Vasudeva
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  • These ideas can be improved only if trust is earned and efficient service is provided.

    What can go wrong?
    Kushal Vasudeva
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  • Changing mindset from ownership to shared access is difficult but it is not impossible to achieve. Efficient planning, strategy and implementation control will help to implement the above ideas