My idea is is to have each house segregate organic waste into fermentable waste(-goes to biomass plant  that produces methane as fuel) and  nonfermentable(-goes to a green charcoal briquette-making equipment). The briquettes can be fed into a waste-to-electricity machine equipped with smoke absorber(so there is no outdoor emission).The wastes should be regularly collected by electric vehicles (or pedalpowered) going from house to house.Alternatively, houseowners can go to a central processing area. 


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How can this be improved?
Fadli Fadli
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  • the challenge of transforming household waste into fuel/energy is the disparity of waste generation each household. How will it control the waste generation whether is sufficient or not for the process?

    Jesusito Mercado
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  • little amounts when put together in a common repository or central area can have a sigificant cumulative usefulness.... :-)