Organic Waste Recycling Technology and Management book

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Book recommendation: Organic Waste Recycling Technology and Management 3rd Edition by Chongrak Polprasert

The book presents new concept and strategy of waste management which combines technologies of waste treatment and recycling and emphasizing the benefits to be gained from use of the recycled products.

I would like to highlight a great visual from the book where it sums up how organic waste can be recycled and who does it benefit in the end.

 Some integrated systems of organic waste recycling program

'Some of the possible integrated systems of organic waste recycling are shown in Figure 1.4. In scheme (a), organic waste such as excreta, animal manure or sewage sludge is the raw material for the composting process; the composted product then serves as fertilizers for crops or as soil conditioner for infertile soil. Instead of composting, scheme (b) has the organic waste converted into biogas, and the digested slurry serves as fertilizer or feed for crops or fish ponds, respectively. Schemes (c)-(f) generally utilize organic waste in liquid form and the biomass yields such as weeds, algae, crops and fish can be used as food or feed for other higher life forms, including human beings, while treated wastewater is discharged to irrigated land. The integrated systems that combine several aspects of waste recycling at small- and large-scale operations have been tested and/or commercially implemented in both developing and developed countries.' (page 10-11)

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