Composition of plastic waste collected

The objective of this project was to undertake compositional analysis of the plastic received and produced by Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Plastic Recovery Facilities (PRFs). This will provide WRAP and the wider supply chain with up to date estimates on the amount and type of post-consumer plastic packaging collected for recycling.

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How can this be improved?
Claude Dewerse
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  • To improve we certainly need to start with measuring to see where we are.
    Would this project include goals and incentives? Would it be self regulated or involve the government?
    From what I have studied, I think that self regulation is not effective enough. There needs to be a level playing field so this needs to be centrally regulated by government.

    Iker Montes-Bageneta
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  • Hi Claude! I totally agree with you. I also believe that self-regulation is not effective enough, so I think it should be the government that regulates it. Moreover, this project must include goals and incentives to achieve the objectives. In addition, any environmental policy must have an economic background to carry out the changes that are required, otherwise every effort will be in vain.