Who’s ruling the game?

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This platform is about changing fashion education hoping that future designers will change the game. It is refreshing to fill young creatives with awareness and the appropriate knowledge regarding Fashion Design sustainability. However, are we sure Designers are the ones who rule the Fashion industry’s game?
Independent Designers can make their own decision from fashion concepts to material sourcing and manufacturing techniques. These emerging designers are not ruling the market at their individual level. Only major brands can make a shift in fashion market given their huge resources and marketing power.
Designer who are working within renowned brands are also employees and have to fit to the company’s marketing strategy and business model. They can advocate for a more sustainable supply chain but the final decision is not theirs.
The market is what rules all the fashion game, and market is what people are willing to buy. Therefore, consumer is the one setting the rules of sustainability. That is to say, educating fashion designers without raising awareness among consumers is not going to make difference.

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