Compost at Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC)

I Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) in Chongwe District of Zambia where they promote organic agriculture. The institution uses leaves, branches and other forms of waste from the gardens to create compost which it then uses in its farms/gardens or sell to other organic farmers.

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Kabwe Chikolwa
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  • This practice can be encouraged in areas where they practice 'Chitemene' agriculture methods (deforestation) as well as burning of bushes before land preparation. In Northern Western Province of Zambia as an example, small holder farmers burn the flood planes of the Kabompo river in order to create 'fertilizer' for their rice fields. If they applied the method implemented by KATC to create compost, they would have better yields and use the land more sustainably in the long term. This is unlike the current situation where they burn and only use the land to produce a crop in one season; and they have to wait for a complete year for the vegetation to regenerate before burning it again.