Manja Pamodzi - Working Together

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The link below is a great account of how a municipality can work together with individuals, corporates and the central government to manage waste:

The Manja Pamodzi initiative has helped not only to manage waste but also create employment for youths in Lusaka Zambia. It has also helped to change the mindset of people from thinking that waste is dirt to a new thought that waste has value. 

Prior to this initiative, the city of Lusaka was generating about 1 million tones of waste but only 500, 000 tones of it could be accounted for at the designated dump sites. Further study of this showed that most of the waste was thrown in undesignated dump sites or in drainage facilities. As a result of this, Lusaka used to experience massive levels of flooding during the rainy season. This further lead to increased outbreaks of diseases such as Cholera. However, with the initiatives such as Manja Pamodzi that have a multi-sectoral approach, there has been a marked reduction in incidences of flooding especially in the 2018/2019 rainy season.

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