Well labeled Waste Bins in the Office

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A Shared Value and Bcorp company in Lusaka has partnered with a waste management company called Trashback to segregate its waste at source. The company provides each office with well labelled bins in which the employees throw their trash. The perculiar point in this office is that the bin for organic waste (left over food and fruits) is kept in the Kitchen where it is easy for the people who are having their meals to throw the left overs in. The food waste together with the leaves that are collected from the loans is then used to make compost. The incentive for the staff members of this organisation is they all get to eat a free meal made of vegetables from the organic garden where the compost is applied. Similarly, the small fee that the waste management company pays for the segregated waste is used for sponsoring the employees' social events. The employees' view waste as a beneficial product.

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