Plastic "Re-think Tank"

There are a lot of people out there with ideas about how plastic could be reduced. However, I am sure many of us think "But I am just one person, no one is going to listen to me". But what if my idea came from a whole group of people?

What if (very much like this Circle-Lab Challenge) there was an online post location where anyone could leave their idea at any time, for a "Re-think Tank" of enthusiastic specialists to work on.

Each idea could be screened by an initial group and, if deemed to have sufficient potential, posted on the Re-think Tank website. Tank members would then work on the idea together online. Membership might be by invitation and be drawn from a wider range of professions to ensure that as many issues as possible are covered by the group.

If the idea made it through this process, it could be then published by the Re-think Tank or, if the idea is specific to an organisation or company, the conclusions could be communicated to the organisation or company.

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