Scrap Metal as an input in Steel Production

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Kafue Steel in Zambia operates the only steel manufacturing plant in the country. One of its major inputs in the value chain is scrap metal. The company has engaged several aggregators and transporters who collect old metal parts as well as other disused steel products. The collectors are usually youths who are encouraged to buy the steel at low prices and then whole sell to Kafue steel. The key lessons from this value chain is that the company facilitates the transportation of the scrap metal; this is helpful in that most aggregators have a limitation of transport in this part of the world. Similarly, the collectors are also encouraged to do quality checks at the source, that is, if the metal is not steel, they will reject it immediately. A key lesson here is to have well trained collectors, sorters and aggregators. This lessens the processing and segregation that the users of the waste will have to do.

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