Learning from best practice at other schools.

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"Utah State University already engages apparel brand leaders in an effective way. Through the School’s Outdoor Product Design and Development program, students learn various technical skills to prototype hard product, apparel, gear and other outdoor items. In 2016, Utah State formed an advisory board made up of industry leaders including Burton, W.L. Gore, the Outdoor Industry Association, Patagonia and DuPont™ Sorona®, to guide the program by developing curriculum, creating design challenges for students and connecting students with internship opportunities. By directly engaging industry leaders, the program ensures that it can prepare its students for success as product designers and developers in today’s outdoor industry.

New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology also offers a variety of practical courses that focus specifically on designing sustainably across the entire supply chain — including sourcing, manufacturing, design; and finally, marketing a product. The school’s Sustainable Design Entrepreneur Certificate Program gives young design entrepreneurs the tools and resources necessary to build agile businesses in today’s evolving industry. Similarly, the Parsons School of Design offers the option for students to specialize in sustainability. Both programs are ideal for brands and companies to engage with and directly influence students as they begin to venture out into the industry."


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