Kalumbila Town in Zambia - A city with in a city

Kalumbila Town is a new town that is currently being expanded so that it can accommodate 10, 000 households and an industrial park. Currently there are over 20, 000 people living and working in or within the vicinity of Kalumbila. The philosophy that the town planners and managers have is that the town should be able to fully maximize the use of its resources in a sustainable manner. As a result of this, all occupants of the 1300 households that are currently in use at the town are required to segregate waste at their houses; the community members are not allowed to burn nor bury their waste at home. The town's waste management company regularly collects the accumulated trash and aggregates for use/purchase by interested clients. The organic waste is used to create manure for the enrichment of the lawns in the district. The town development company is now exploring ways of using the organic waste from left overs to feed livestock. Kalumbila is a role model because it has developed a culture where residents have a responsibility to segregate waste at source and not to wait for the municipality or waste management companies to do it on their behalf. Unlike the case in other parts of the country, it is abnormal for residents of Kalumbial to throw litter anyhow; they have developed the habit of throwing trash in designated places or at their homes. This has made it easier for the municipality to collect and agggregate the segregated waste. Its about a mindset change and culture development; this is achieved through training and promoting awareness of the standards- the municipality always takes the new residents through a lecture to teach them about the subject waste management standards.

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  • How they raised the awareness of the citizens? And who is responsible to do the training?