China: Smart waste bins and payment via WeChat

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In an interesting article I have recently read about smart waste bins in China, where valuable wastes such as paper, metals etc. can be recycled. The bin identifies the material and the payment is made to the digital wallets of the customer’s WeChat account.

Perhaps this model could be applied to organic wastes as well?

Text extract below taken from:

Using WeChat to increase recycling in communities 

The lack of segregation between organic and dry waste streams remains one of the main barriers to creating more value from recyclables. Several Chinese start-ups are working on disrupting the consumer recycling space by leveraging WeChat’s popularity to encourage segregation. Among these, XiaoHuangGou (XHG), which translates to “Little Yellow Dog”, is one of the most well-funded, raising $164 million in a Series A funding round in 2018

XHG operates smart trash bins which accept paper, plastics, metal, textiles and glass, and rebates residents directly to their WeChat wallets based on the weight of their trash and the ongoing market rate of the recyclables. XHG then employs its own team of garbage collectors to deliver the segregated waste to a recovery facility for further processing.

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