Going on safari in my company’s canteen

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I work for the Schwarz Group that employs around 4000 people in its headquarter’s location in Neckarsulm. All these employees are catered by one restaurant serving 8-10 different meals per day (of which 2-3 are vegetarian and 1 vegan).
The main sources and types of waste are:
(0. Organic wastes from meal preparation - I could not observe this part though)
1. Unsold leftover food
2. Leftovers from customers, composed of leftovers on the plates as well as paper napkins and PET bottles/cans.
3. There are also “to go” packages for carrying out the meals or packing leftovers. These will become waste, however, this waste will not be incurred in the restaurant.

Type 1 waste: The unsold food is partially processed into salad for the salad bar and soups.
Type 2 waste: to reduce this amount of waste, the canteen offers regular and small portions. Customers can carry out their leftovers (see photo). PET and cans are separated by being put on top of the tray wagons. Since the beginning of this year, we also have a bottle deposit machine within the canteen. I don’t know how the collection and further processing is performed in our canteen. However, I could imagine that the napkins are an important source of contamination. Perhaps some kind of compostable/very biodegradable napkin could be used that do not have to be separated from the organic wastes?
Type 3 wastes:
Perhaps the styrofoam containers could be replaced by cardboard alternatives or employees could be educated to being their own containers?

Check below for pictures of the canteen and it’s waste collection features.

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