National Infrastructure for Ridding Single -use Plastic Water Bottles

One of the most annoying things about single-use plastic water bottles is when you have to buy one because there is no where to fill up your own reusable bottle! That is something that can happen quite often in Ireland and I'm sure in many other countries around the world that do not have a sufficient infrastructure for safe drinking fountains. 

Refill Ireland are a voluntary environmental project that are getting businesses on board to allow people to refill their water bottles in their establishments.

The many businesses such as cafes,bars,hotels,restaurants notify the public that they can refill their water bottles by displaying the REFILL sticker on their windows or doorways.

It is a fantastic way to create a national infrastructure of available drinking water cheaply and quickly as the taps are already in place and it does not cost any one anything to implement.

Refill Ireland is a relatively new project but the amount of businesses getting involved is growing day by day. Once enough businesses get on board I believe it is a system that can really work to rid the country of single use plastic bottle.

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Kate Rushton
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  • Hi Meadhbh!

    I really like the idea of Refill Ireland. There is something similar in Amsterdam.

    Do the cafes etc. sell concentrate so people can buy flavoured water?

    Meadhbh O Leary Fitzpatrick
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  • Hi Kate, I haven't come across any that do sell concentrate but that is a really good idea for Refill to consider? Though in many pubs in Ireland you can get often get free flavoured water (if the bartender is nice enough :) )