Talking clothes: Enhancing clothes emotional life-cycle via intelligent textiles research

Clothes are no more discarded due to material obsolescence. Long before they get used, clothes are thrown away because they no longer fit with current trends.

I believe sustainability goes also through creating emotional connections with our clothes so we don’t throw them away after few months or even weeks.

In this way, emotionally driven technological innovation could help creating scenarios to make clothes interact with time/user/whether.

I recently came across an interesting paper about a sophisticated dying technique that allow fabric to change with time and washing, revealing initially printed graphics that were not visible at the beginning. This might sound a bit gadget effect but I believe if this technique is explored via fashion concepts (mysterious future, personal development quotes…) it can stimulate users’ curiosity about their clothes. They would pay attention to small changes revealing new patterns, messages, ideas, as clothes identity comes out...

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Dhafer Ben Khalifa
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  • Hi Kate, well not this idea in particular but exploring technolohical innovation in Textile with a designer vision and fashion design concept would be beneficial to sustainability. The idea is not to limit research to eco friendly material and zerowaste approaches but rather to explore clothes emotional longivity through added value.