Outsourcing organic waste composting to the citizens through neigborhood collection centers

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What if instead of being collected and transported by municipal waste disposal companies, there were composting/recycling "hubs" spread throughout the cities in which "compost dispensers" are being placed where citizens can bring their organic wastes. At these hubs, citizens could dispose of their organic wastes and the dispenser, a machine that should be able to do high-speed composting (such as OKLIN technology or similar - but weather-resistant) and in return, either get humus for personal, or donate their humus to the city (i. e. for park flowers) or collect real or digital currency.

The hubs should be installed at a radius of 300-400m of each citizen and could also be collecting centers for other valuable wastes, such as shampoo bottles or waste electronic equipment. In order to share space, perhaps they could be built with their container and composting technology underground.

One of the benefits would be that in this way, the transportations of organic wastes, their CO2-emission and labour costs could be reduced.

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