Ferrovial’s Circular Solution: Carbon production from Organic Greenhouse Waste (OGW)

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Production of charcoal from greenhouse vegetable waste, thus avoiding the treatment of OGW as waste. The solution focuses on the use of the material as a raw material, suitable for the production of a solid biofuel. All this, aligned with the principles of Circular Economy and with the European, state and regional legislation.

The process can be summarized as follows:

  • Preparation and pre-conditioning of the OGW to transform it into a biomass with the physical characteristics and properties required to feed the carbonization process. In this phase a basic physical process of conditioning the material consisting of a reduction in size by grinding or cutting is carried out.
  • Process of carbonization of biomass of greenhouse vegetable waste (OGW) in a high temperature furnace (700 – 750 ºC approx.) In the absence of oxygen, resulting in the production of charcoal and a gas with a high calorific value. The technology used for the process is tested and scaled to industrial level.
  • Post conditioning of coal: After cooling, the coal is led to a density separator by air that allows the removal of stones and other materials.
  • Blending: once cooled and purified, the carbonaceous product obtained in the carbonization process is mixed with other biomass (i.e. olive bone)
  • Briquetted: process of pressing and compacting to increase density and form briquettes generally of cylindrical format.
  • Packaging.


More details can be found here

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