Water2REturn (W2R) – REcovery and REcycling of nutrients TURNing wasteWATER into added-value products for a circular economy in agriculture

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Water scarcity and resources recovery are global concerns. Sustainable solutions are needed to use water in the best possible way and to recover resources from going to waste.

Slaughtering is a water-intensive industry, and the wastewater it generates contains a high proportion of organic matter, being a valuable source of nutrients if properly recovered.

Addressing water scarcity while simultaneously recovering valuable resources is what W2R sets out to achieve. Industrial symbiosisis at the core of W2R, in which wastewater treatment facilities in slaughterhouses are turned into bio-refineries under a Circular Economy approach.

W2R, an H2020 Innovation Action co-funded by the European Commission, brings together 15 multidisciplinary actors from 8 EU countries to implement a demonstrative application for slaughterhouse wastewater treatment and large-scale nutrient recovery in the “Matadero del Sur” slaughterhouse. It is located in Andalusia (Spain), a region well known for the challenges it faces in terms of water scarcity, what makes it an ideal place to test W2R technology. Nutrients recovered from its wastewater will be turned into value-added products for the agrochemical industry and, consequently, for the agricultural sector, that seeks more sustainable products that meet increasingly restrictive legislative requirements. At the same time, Matadero del Sur addresses its wastewater management problems and act as an exemplar for other slaughterhouses all over Europe.

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