Kemira’s industrial symbiosis in Sweden

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Industry Park of Sweden (IPOS) is an industrial park owned and operated by Kemira in Helsingborg, Sweden. The business idea of IPOS is industrial symbiosis. In other words, by innovative resource co-operations create added value to reduce costs and environmental impact. Today, IPOS is a fully developed site for industrial symbiosis and park hosts approx. 20 companies within chemical- and food industry, logistics and service. All companies within the park collaborate around energy, material, utilities, logistics, infrastructure and services. An important part of the industrial symbiosis is sharing of recovered energy from Kemira’s processes.

Besides energy, their collaboration around material flows is just as extensive, as the product or by-product from one plant becomes the raw material of another. Besides from saving costs and emissions from transportation, our material collaboration also increases resource efficiency and

reduces waste streams and the consumption of virgin materials.

By their large scale industrial symbiosis system, they share fixed costs for infrastructure and central production plants, reducing costs for all involved companies. This set-up also reduces environmental impact, as large-scale central utility production plants are far more energy efficient than several decentralised smaller production plants.


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