Decentralized rental composting service

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Composting is a simple, natural process that does not require a high amount of technology. What it requires though is space and time. People that don't have the space or the time to keep a compost could be potential customers for a decentralized composting service.

For example tenants of an apartment house without a garden in dense urban spaces often do not have a place to put their compost, because for regular containers, at least 1m² open-air is required. However, often apartment houses have a court or other place where tenants can park or store their garbage containers. In this shared space, a rented compost bin could be placed. The bin itself, as well as the maintenance of the compost could be provided by a company or the municipality itself. This model could also be interesting for people with enough space for a proper compost but not time to maintain it.

The subscription model could perhaps have other features as well, like for example "compost on demand" where citizens can sign up for a delivery of humus at a certain date when they need it. If they do not need their compost, perhaps they could get reductions on their subscription fee.

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