Paper Shampoo Bottle!

This is a collaboration between L'Oreal and Ecologic is really interesting. They have launched an eco beauty brand called Seed Phytonutrients which has a paper shampoo bottle. 

The shampoo itself being very eco-friendly (made from 93-100% natural ingredients, cruelty -free, paraben-free etc.) but the packaging is something that hasn't been seen before in the beauty industry. 

The packaging had to be recyclable and compostable—that meant glue was out. It also had to withstand a hot shower environment as when an uncoated paper container gets wet, it becomes soggy and falls apart, especially when shampoo suds further weaken the structure. And to reduce waste, the plastic pouch needed to be thinner than any other on the market.

Made by Ecologic, the outer card is recycled, recyclable, compostable, glue-free and water-resistant. The inner liner is made with recyclable plastic, and uses 60% less material than regular plastic bottles.

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How can this be improved?
Kate Rushton
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  • Hi Meadhbh! Great case study! Am I right in thinking that the plastic pump dispenser for this packaging can be reused and people just need to buy the shampoo cardboard bottle each time they purchase new shampoo? Or, if not, this could be a design improvement? I like the concept. The price would have to drop below $24 per bottle for large scale rollout.

    How can this be improved?
    Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • Great initiative combining innovation and sustanability. Regarding the inner liner that is made of pstic, in order to make it a bit more sustainable, could it be refillable or reusable?
    Maybe it's a bit tricky making it refillable, as I guess it is sold in specific points, but maybe the bottle could be used for other purposed, right?