Soapstand is a Vancouver-based company that produces "what it bills as the world’s first automated liquid-refill station".

"The vending machines dispense ecofriendly personal-care and cleaning products, such as shampoo, Castile soap, and dish detergent, and offers reusable aluminum containers to those who need them."

"Users simply bring their own reusable containers or purchase aluminum ones from the machines, select their product of choice and their desired quantity on the touchscreen display, and watch as their vessel is filled. The dispensers accept debit and credit, and prices are comparable to what shoppers would pay at a zero-waste grocer or refill store."

"Launched in 2017, Soapstand operates units in four residential buildings in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby. The startup owns the units, and they cost nothing for proprietors to run, explains Chou, making them a “no-brainer” and well-received among landlords and tenants alike."


Could HEMA be involved in the production of reusable packaging for these vending machines?

Could these machines be located outside HEMA shops at train stations for people to purchase shampoo on the way home?

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Idoia Letona Castrillo
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  • I didn't know about this shop and I wish I had one in my region! I think Hema could be involved in the creation of the containers, but maybe also in the creation of stickers to distinguish one product from the other. Sometimes when you have a container without a sticker/name is tricky to know wich is the shower gel, the shampoo and the accondiotioner... I think it could be could to create stickers made out of sustainable materials for this purpose.