Size adaptable clothes

Inspired by a project I saw about clothing that grow with children I started to think: why don't we design clothes that can be easily adjusted to a smaller/bigger figure?

Designing strategically positioned buttons, strings and other details that allow us to resize our favourite clothes instead of seeing them hanging sadly in the closed when they don't fit anymore.

I think it could also have a positive psychological effect, avoiding people feeling upset when the clothes don't fit anymore!

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Kate Rushton
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  • Hi Federica! Is it this company - Maybe the co-founders could teach a lecture and set a project/challenge for students to create a garment that changes as the wearer grows.

    Federica Parisi
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  • Hi Kate! Yes, this the company that inspired my thought. I feel that adults would need different mechanisms to make the changing clothes more appealing in aesthetics terms. But I always think ideas exchanges and challenges work great, so I like your idea!