Kalundborg's Ecopark: A closed loop system on circulating waste resources

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In order to implement organic waste into any new product, a new type of multifaceted supply chain management system needs to be established. Companies depends on the supply of raw materials either new or recycled/upcycled from other companies, partnerships are formulated, which suggests that the formulation of an ecopark community would be invaluable.

A parallel could be drawn with the food chain and the way waste should be handled in the supply chains, taking one business’s waste as the “food” for the next business. This is the ideology could be linked to ecoparks, where waste from one company is the “fuel” for another business.

In Kalundborg, Denmark the prototype of an ecopark can be found indicating how each waste stream connects businesses locally, which have been indicated on Kalundborg Symbosis’s website.

Another example located in Italy is about how the graphite by-product of the automotive industry is turned into for instance recycled graphite pencils at Perpetua or for WRAD into biodegradable graphite clothing dyes.
Kalundborg's website:
WRAD's website:

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