Swipe4swap: Tinder for things

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This is a community based peer to peer application, where one can exchange household items (or later skills requests) with people in the neighbourhood for free. Paid features would include higher level search functionality, with the ability to search wider geography and for specific items. 

Key users/customers/beneficiaries:

The application would be targeted at whole neighbourhoods, probably in middle income areas where the apartments are small, and where there might be people looking to create a community, or who already have a strong sense of community and this facilitates that.

Partners needed:

ICT partner to build the program, neighbourhood champions who drive the adoption, existing online marketplaces such as maarktplaats or ebay



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is one of the solutions that came out of the event. 

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