Interio: Subscription-based interior service and platform

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"Enabling conscious professionals to create a sustainable, stylish and hassle-free environment that feels like home."

Interio stimulates the movement of going from ownership to access by providing interior-as-a-service with different packages for different needs (such as basic package, stylish package including art, moving & assembly service). Interio uses a platform, connected to Instagram to create a community around living in a stylish home without having to buy expensive furniture and art. 

Key users and beneficiaries:

Professionals between 25 and 40 years experience the hassle of moving to different places (stress, pricey and time-consuming), they don't want to own (expensive) furniture or art and they strive for a sustainable way of living

Key partners and systems needed:

This idea needs a platform, connected to Instagam as most of the key users are using this social media channel the most. Key partners are influencers to promote this idea, interior design companies to develop the furniture, logistics companies for delivery and installation and artists to collaborate with on providing affordable art.

The impact:

This idea has economic and environmental impacts, as it helps young professionals to have access to stylish and sustainable interior that isn't disposable. It would support multiple (smaller) interior design companies and stimulate them to develop their furniture in the most sustainable way, as is should be used for multiple houses.



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is one of the solutions that came out of the event. 

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