Fashiolution: An online, self-maintaining curriculum library for knowledge-sharing on sustainability in fashion, open to educational institutions and the industry.

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Due to great negative environmental and societal impacts driven by the fashion industry, there is growing pressure for change in fashion education. Sustainability is often used as a patch to add on the curriculum, rather than integrated into the entire curriculum.

Fashiolution thinks this is not the best way to go forward and rather proposes a knowledge-sharing platform for educational institutions and industry professional to share their practices on including sustainability holistically into their curriculum and practices. Teachers may share their way of including sustainability in their eduction, while industry professionals might post real-world case studies for students and teachers to work on. This "curriculum library" will encourage local-to-global knowledge sharing, but will also allow for global-to-local knowledge sharing by encouraging physical exchanges through internships and exchanges.

Key users/beneficiaries:

  • Teachers


The impact:

Learning from other educational programmes how they integrate sustainability in their curriculum. Accelerating the same results for educational institutions all over the world.



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is one of the solutions that came out of the event. 

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