Future Fashion Co-labs:  A hybrid co-working space + Fablabs

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As a hybrid of a Co-working space and Fablabs that is used by Students, knowledge organisations and entrepreneurs, the idea behind the future fashion labs is to provide a space to work on innovative ideas and real world challenges with the key participants at the table.  

The idea aims to equip students for a new reality by bridging a threefold disconnect that was described by students. Firstly, it enables students to be in touch and experience real world problems, that the industry is experiencing. The future fashion co-lab will be focussing on different themes revolving around the environmental and social challenges faced by the industry every month.

Secondly, it bridges the divide between students and the industry, by providing a place to connect, but also work together. Students will be required to earn a certain amount of credits from the lab each semester, but are allowed to dedicate their time flexibly based on their interests and projects that are proposed by partner organisations and entrepreneurs. These, in turn, have access to free labour and a key talent pool in the industry.  

Thirdly, by cooperating with the industry and the scientific frontier, the co-lab will bridge the divide between theory and practice. It will equip students with practical tools used in the industry and provide an immediate context to apply these in. 


Key partners:

  • Students, Entrepreneurs & SMEs, Knowledge organisations


The Impact:

Exposure to industry professionals, positioning of the institute at the frontier of innovation in the industry. If AMFI/the fashion institute will be providing the location, then fees could be paid by the partner organisation to use the space (co-working space business model). 



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is one of the solutions that came out of the event. 

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