Afval Afhaal Amsterdam: Return logistics pick up service for food waste

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The Problem:  

70% of restaurants throw out 50% of their organic waste, 65% of food SMEs in Amsterdam don't know how to close the loop, and,  according the the AMEC, the number of small scale food associated producers are rapidly increasing.

The Solution:

To connect supply and demand, divert organic waste, and close the loop on organic waste for Amsterdam's small independent food businesses by 2025, Afval Afhaal (“Waste Collection”) uses local street sweepers (an existing infrastructure in Amsterdam) to pick up organic waste from small scale food producers and SMEs and deliver it to producers who need it. An online database or marketplace enables registered businesses to list their resources and find raw materials for their own production, and incentive schemes with partnering organisations would encourage adoption. 

Key users and beneficiaries:

  • Small cafe's, juiceries or boutique hotels
  • Street cleaners
  • Nurseries that create compost
  • Urban farms the create their own compost

Key partners and systems needed:

  • Municipal waste collectors (City of Amsterdam) 
  • There must be an assessment of the space available in the street collectors's trucks
  • Online connection app to connect street cleaners with the cafe's needing collection"

The impact:

Connection between citizens, small businesses, local waste collection staff 



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is one of the solutions that came out of the event. 

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