“HEMAWAY”: Party-as-a-service

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The problem:

This is the story of why Balloons Blow and Straws Suck. 3/4 of three to twelve year old kids in the Netherlands throw a birthday party every year. Because most of the party necessities out there today are made of single-use plastic, these parties produce an estimated one million kilos of plastic waste. The production of this amount of plastic alone creates the same CO2 emissions as a full Boeing 787 flying between Amsterdam and New York 25 times!

The solution:

What if HEMA would provide us with the opportunity to rent a party? This would not only be good news for the environment, it would also be a great service. Imagine - you go to HEMA's website, and you just order the party you like: a kid's birthday party, a BBQ party, a HEMA wedding! Of course you can customize your party: you pick your kid's favorite theme, such as "Princess", "Badman" or "Ajax", and you click on what you need, and on the amount you need: 6 banners, 25 cups, 15 plates, 10 dresses, 10 hats, 50 balloons. You can get it delivered, or you can pick it up yourself at a HEMA in your neighbourhood. At the end of the day you just put all the cutlery and party props back in a box, and you have it brought back to HEMA. 


Similar ideas:

Party for the Planet

A rental service for all your party necessities that are made from natural and reusable products. The customer can pick a package based on age and theme. HEMA would also offer three levels.
1) the light package: A Walk in the Park. This includes reusable table linens, napkins, cutlery, decorations and a HEMA cake.
2) The medium package: A Piece of Cake additionally includes costumes, HEMA Photo service, a parent pack with story and game ideas and craft materials.
3) The large package: Its Childsplay also has the addition of polaroid camera, game props and a bubblegum.

By collaborating with logistics partners like Repack of PostNL it is super easy to order your preferred package online and return it after the party. The main objective is to ensure that throwing a waste free party is not only better fun for the kids, but easier for the parents.

The Circular Party Warrior:

A party service, where you go online to order your party, either in-store at a display or at home. You specify: 
1. The date of your party
2. The number of people attending
3. And the theme or the target group of the party

And you get a party package delivered to your doorstep, which contains's everything you need: decorations, cutlery, straws, plates, cups, tablecloth etc... and a circular warrior cape (that you get to keep!). After your party is over, you put everything back in the same box it arrived in, and you either give it back to the delivery person, who takes it back to the store for you, or you can bring it back to the nearest HEMA yourself. You receive a thank you message from the HEMA app upon receival, alerting you that your inner circular warrior has arrived. All the items get cleaned, and are ready to be repurposed for the next party and the next user.


Key users and beneficiaries:

  • Parents of young age children, looking to throw a hassle-free kids' party without spending too much money or wasting too much paper/plastic 
  • Children between the age of 3 and 12 and their parents. Hema will offer one of a kind, customizable kids parties with games and amazing reusable decoration and making it easier and hassle free for the parents. Once the infrastructure of the kids parties are set up, HEMA could consider to branch out to all types of parties: Halloween, NYE, Kingsday etc.  


Key partners and systems needed:

  • New sourcing partners for the reusable decorations
  • Logistics partners (PostNL / Repack)"
  • Cleaning service
  • Potentially collaborating with (birthday) party service providers (that offer games, plays, performances etc)


The value and impact:

  • Tapping into a new market and providing a realistic alternative to wasteful parties.
  • Great user experience while reducing single-use plastics
  • Opportunity to cross-sell other HEMA products (Food and Beverage, HEMA Cake, Photo service, toys).
  • Confirm sustainability ambitions and potentially frontrunners position in banning single-use plastic products from their stores.



The first phase of this challenge looked at key opportunity areas, barriers to overcome, inspirational case studies, existing research, facts and figures, and other insights around the challenge. The Circle Economy team identified and clustered all submissions into key areas of opportunity that served to inspire and support the development of new solutions at the Beyond Next circularity festival. This is a combination of three solutions that came out of the event.

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