Local prepared foods company uses all reusable packaging and service dishes for events

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Imagine a typical event where little salads are being served in plastic cups with plastic lids. Think of the garbage cans overflowing with disposable plates, bowls and cups after meal breaks. Ozarka is a traiteur and prepared foods company where all of our packaging is return for deposit. Our containers are made of silicone and aluminum, all of which is highly durable, nestable, collapsible, and reusable. Our drinks are served in glass bottles which we reclaim and recycle with no downcycling. Food vendors and retailers must take responsibility for packaging waste, by reducing the need for recycling to truly sustainable levels. The first step is removing single-use plastic from the equation entirely. The second is choosing for reusable as much as possible. Attached is an addendum for our in-store experience. For events, the food would not be self-serve. It would be pre-packed.

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How can this be improved?
Melanie Wijnands
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  • Should all events enforce their vendors and suppliers to use reusable and recyclable packaging? Does this come at a higher cost? Are there positive incentives possible for suppliers to think about circular packaging?

    Beth Massa
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  • I don't think that events enforce their vendors and suppliers to use reusable, but simply hire the ones that already do. Initial investment in reusable packaging will be higher, but one must add the "true price" of the overall cost to the environment using petroleum-based plastic or virgin-crop bioplastics. I would suggest that cities and municipalities subsidize vendors using sustainable packaging in relation to the cost savings of waste management incurred by the municipality. That would also offer an incentive for vendors to make the switch.

    PS, water usage for cleaning reusables is always less end to end than water usage required to produce single use in almost every instance.