A mobile application that promotes low carbon lifestyle for Events

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A one-stop mobile application that would provide checklists, toolkits to reduce their carbon dependencies ( for event space provides – a checklist on how they could reduce carbon emissions), for businesses who are organizing events, they could measure their total carbon footprint (in terms of products used, paper printed, mobility of participants, printing of name tags, brochures, choice of vegetarian food items local sourced etc.) and thereby providing also carbon offsetting opportunities to enable a carbon neutral event . The application could cater immediately to low use of plastic water bottles, better energy management (in terms of air conditioning or heating, water usage etc.) and low carbon mobility by incentivizing the participants who use local transport (in terms of reduced prices for conference amongst other benefits)

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How can this be improved?
Melanie Wijnands
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  • Not just focus on Carbon Footprint - but extend to the materials used / waste generated / level of efficiency.

    How can this be improved?
    Paul Schosseler
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  • Hello! The idea could be combined and made more attractive by introducing carbon credits that can be exchanged for services during the event (e.g. for transport as you suggest). An initiative in Luxembourg is looking into developing a local cryptocurrency for these kind of purposes, please have a look at
    Best, Paul