A recyclable draw

Number/name all recyclables in order to encourage costumers/attendees to enter a draw to win a prize when recycling their cups/cutlery/plates etc. It will reduce the aftermath cleaning of the event and improve the self recycling from attendees

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How can this be improved?
Yasmina Lembachar
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  • Good idea, Miguel- love the element of fun!

    Because Circular Glasgow is looking to engage the local business community for this challenge, we'd like to encourage you to think through how exactly this could engage e.g. the clean up crews, the creatives, or other businesses involved in the event. Some questions to get you started:

    - Who is currently involved in cleaning up events and how do they work? Are there opportunities for them to build this element of fun into their operations? What would that look like?

    - Who is responsible for the materials that do need to be cleaned up, and how can they collaborate with e.g. the recyclers and clean-up crews to facilitate this?

    You don't have to have all the answers now but we encourage you to include these or whichever questions you have yourself in the idea description so other people know how to best contribute to your idea :)

    Any questions just let me know!

    Miguel Angel Rodriguez
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  • Hi Yasmina and thank you ! Well usually there will be a cleaning crew through out an event and after the event is finished. Each cleaning person could carry some sort of small sticker roll ? they can attach them quickly to the recyclable pieces (cutlery, plates, cups etc) each one with a different colour and they can also enter the draw. If you get young kids to help clean up this will definitely encourage them to clean as efficient and as fast as possible. For the guest, I will say the first fifty or one hundred guest to arrive receive numbered recyclables with a number tag of the same number, so they can claim their price once the draw happens at the end of the night. These can be sponsored by the company that sponsor the prices? The recycles simply need to pick it all up at the end after the draw takes place. There is definitely a bit of logistics for this but it could be a fun incorporation to traditional recycling. what do you think ?

    How can this be improved?
    Rebecca Ricketts - Challenge Initiator
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  • I wonder if there are learnings from the IKEA Recycle and Reward scheme where you can get incentives like money back, or discount vouchers for returning empty bottles and cans, safe in the knowledge that all items collected will be sent for recycling?