Make use of the rich data of waste to engage attendees and review long term 'success' of an events by management and cities

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Where smart phone use is high: Digitise the event guide (or program, schedule) for the attendees to eliminate this source of paper and printing waste - the event guide is then in the guest hands, and able to be enriched with schedule reminders, recommendations on sessions not to miss and - reminders on how to use the recycling/compost and general waste bins, how to use the reusable cups, why they should bring their own water bottles to refill at stations (all of these viable event serving business could have a their branding bio built in to the reminder and link to their website to extending branding opportunities) - And critically, what makes this incorporation of technology to the event program a long term legacy is how it will report on the event's progress each day and overall. I imagine a simple user interface, behind which data is being collected and used to measure kilograms (or tons) of waste generated as well as energy, water, and other utilities consumed by the event. By linking this awareness campaign to the event guide, guests are more likely to engage with the content. The secondary impact of this data gathering is it allows events management to monitor the 'success' of their event in reducing, removing and replacing waste sources with circular principals. \ Perhaps one day leading to a reporting mechanism where events rating on this factor impact their ability to lease the exhibition hall/stadium or get permits etc from city councils? Linking the actions of an attendee to the the standing of a events management company in a city.

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