According to the Scottish Government (2015) ‘tourism is everyone’s business,everyone in Scotland is an ambassador’.The tourism sector is a cornerstone to the Scottish economy, which contribute around £12 billion of economy.

There is a need to rethink on Social Responsibility in Small Businesses (SBSR) and the relationship between small businesses hospitality sector and stakeholders towards tourism destination image, regulations and guidelines to achieve the strategy to be known as a ‘destination of first-choice for a high quality, value for money and memorable customer experience, delivered by skilled and passionate people’ (The Scottish Tourism Alliance, 2012, p. 2).

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Adrian Barr
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  • Tourism is a best source for entertainment for people these days but meanwhile it’s a great source to stable or stronger the economy of a country. To get to know about the relation between economy and tourism visit and get to know how they interrelated with each other.