Ice glasses for fast drinkable liquids in Marathons, Festivals, etc.

The idea is to have an ice-machine that turns tap water into cup/glass/shots shaped ice objects and use them to substitute plastic cups in events where you only drink one sip like Marathons or shot drinks in Festivals.
After enjoying the drink you can just throw it in the ground and the glass turns into water and evaporate.

The ice in your hand for 10 seconds doesn't hurt and the machine you need to create those glasses is just a simple ice machine, it would need to be optimise to increase ice production.

It may sound crazy, but this idea is totally feasible and doable. The story on how this idea came up can be read here: (in spanish)

As you can see in the picture, the team has already created some prototypes (by hand) and tested the durability of the glass which is around 15 minutes in really hot weather (Spanish Summer)

Improvements needed:
1. Glass holder: If the glass needs to be used for more than 2 minutes you need a something to hold it or you start freezing your fingers. The idea would be to use an alginate cup holder that could get destroyed once the glass is melted. This idea is inspired by the alginate water bottle by finnish designer Ari Jonsson.

2. Temperature maintenance and logistics: We know the glasses should be ready and lined up before the Marathon, this could create a big logistics problems. We thought about big isotherm containers but we didn't find a final solution.

3. Business Model: Events normally get plastic and PE+Cardboard cups for free, the creation of this cups and glasses would have a big cost which might not be possible to assume by the event organizer. An idea would be to create branded moulds using 3D printed and that big bottling water brands that are already on these marathons and events use it as a branding strategy.

This idea was developed on a Imagine Creativity Center program and the authors are:
Ana Galan Herranz
Berta Solé
Oriol Segarra Pol

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