Waste IDs (resource mapping) to measure your impact and find solutions

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At Rebueno Zero Waste we use what we call Waste IDs, (example attached) these mind maps help us have a good picture of what kind of waste is going to be produced in order to create the event. We visualise the whole life cycle of the event creation (from design to dissassembly) and visualize the different waste outputs that will be created in the process. We then try to find solutions and partners with the our clients to solve each of them The process is simple but needs a lot of understanding of our client needs in terms of budget, space, type of event, location, human resources... After the event is finished it is important to measure all the impact the event has created to be able to decide on the next edition if the solutions implemented did improve the sustainability of the event or not.

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Eloise AJones
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    Oriol Segarra
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  • Thanks Eloise, the Waste ID is evolving into something much more mature a Material Flow Analysis. We will share some results by the end of september. Thanks for the enthusiasm!