event loyalty card connecting visitors to sustainable / circular initiatives and businesses in the city

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Hotels and airlines have loyalty cards. If people going to events received one with their ticket (or hotel booking) where they accumulate loyalty points for using public transport, supporting sustainably run restaurants, staying in eco-certified accommodation etc, then this can engage visitors in supporting a circular economy while there, and also connect these businesses. 

Martin's Hotels in Belgium run a loyalty scheme called EcoBon for their hotel chain, which operates in this way giving reductions to guests if they use towels less, get room cleaned less, chose sustainably produced options from menu etc. 

I've recently explored this idea in an article I wrote for the World Travel Market blog on redesigning the loyalty scheme

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Yasmina Lembachar
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  • Brilliant! This reminds me of the EcoCoin that was introduced at the DGTL festival (a digital currency to reward festival-goers for sustainable behaviour) and of how Wasted Lab in Amsterdam encourages and rewards plastic recycling with discounts at different shops around the city: I wonder if this could become a local currency across the entire host city?