Local upcycling of residual and waste fibers to fiberboards to be applied in congresses & events standbuilding

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Events and congresses are all about creating that perfect experience that will "wow" the visitor. For b2b events mostly the goal is to influence the visitors to take action (such as a sale, a behavior or organizational change). Therefor a lot of time, resources and material is put in building the perfect stands, displays, graphics and so on that will support the story. Unfortunately, due to the duration of use (mostly limited to one event), little quality is built into these event products. A lot of products last as long as the event is taking place and will be considered waste afterwards. This not only concerns the disposables and merchandise items. Complete stands are discarded and materials are send to landfill or incineration.


A solution can be found in the ECOR technology. It can convert any cellulose fiber into a structural panel using water, heat and pressure only. These panels, contrary to commonly used particle board and MDF, are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Because no chemical binders are used in the production process both event visitors and personal as well as factory personal is not exposed to chemicals and toxic off gassing components such as Formaldehyde, VOC’s and pMDI’s. Happy customers using ECOR panels for their event stands include Avery Dennison and the Dutch Design Week.


Adding an ECOR Living Factory (ELF), a regional fiber upcycling facility, in Glasgow will enable local recyclability. It will transform the problem of discarded event-stands and other waste streams such as paper, cardboard and sawdust to a 100% healthy and circular panel. By applying these panels again in the event and congress industry these loops can be closed over and over again. Since goal of the ELF is to convert local waste to local applications, new regional jobs will be created. This goes beyond the production personal of the ELF. Local craftsmen such as carpenters, stand builders, print shops and painters will benefit by transforming the locally produced ECOR panels into beautiful stands, temporary walls, furniture, signs and merchandise for the event sector in Glasgow.


Summarizing: Replacing common MDF, and particle board with ECOR Panels enables the products designed for events to be fully recyclable. By building an ELF (ECOR Living Factory) in the Glasgow region, these products can locally be recycled to new ECOR panels, ready for the next event that will take place. This not only will significantly reduce waste, but will create a variety of local direct and in-direct jobs, stimulating the local economy.

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