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How To Get An ESA Letter From A Mental Health Therapist Online? - 2022 Guide


Are free ESA letters legit? Most likely not! This is because no one gives out such a letter for free. Why would they? Unless you know of a licensed therapist who is providing their services to those in need for free, I don’t think that any free letter that you receive can be legit. But before we get into this, let me tell you about what “legit” means here. I mean, what does it mean to get a legit ESA letter? Don’t know? No need to worry, we have got you covered.


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What is a legit letter?


Ok, so this type of letter can be gotten via one person alone: a licensed mental health professional also known as an LMHP. An LMHP can either be a psychologist or a therapist. This is basically an expert in the field of mental health and they have an official license that proves it.So, you get in touch with this professional and they give you your letter, NOT for free. This is the legit process in order to obtain an ESA letter.


Anyone who says that they can get you a letter for free is lying. An esa letter for housing does not come for free. It is not even cheap. So, chances are that the free letter which you are getting is fake. However, you can easily buy one, and that won't be fake either. If you are paying for it, then it is most likely real!


What if I have a real therapist?


If you have a real therapist, you don’t need one online, and the chances of you getting into scams would be reduced too. However, many people can’t afford a real life therapist as they tend to get out of budget sometimes.


In fact, most people can’t. So, for the rest of us, we will need to be vigilant when we go online.


How to be vigilant?


If you want a real ESA letter, you will have to get in touch with a legit website online. This website won’t give you the letter for free but they will not try to scam you either. But how can you find a website that is totally legit? Simple. Just look out for the website that seems fake.


Trick #1: It Looks Cheap


Fake websites look like they have been made by a student that has just started coding. The website will be out of bounds, you will also notice spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The pictures will look like they have been taken from Google.


In short, it will look cheap.


Trick #2: It’s Not Secure


Whenever you go to a website, check that it is secure by looking at the address bar.


If your address bar starts with “https://..”, then you are good. If it starts with “http://…”, then you are in trouble. The “s” here stands for “secure.


So, if your web address does not begin with an https, most probably the website is fake.


Trick #3: Contact Info


Look for credible contact information.


A good website will always give multiple ways to contact them. For example, they will have their email, contact number, and social media sites posted on their website for you to check out.


Make use of this information to check if a site is real or not.


Trick #4: Too Good Deals


If you go to a website and they give you a deal that is too good to handle, it's fake. For example, if they tell you that they will give you a letter for free or for $5, know that this is not possible. So, you know that you have a fake website on hand.


Trick #5: Look for Domain Age and Name


Domain name is the web address of the site, and if it looks something like “yAh00”, it's most likely fake. Real websites have real names.


Also check for the domain age in this case which will tell you all about how long the website has been operational which tells you if it can be trusted or not.


Trick #6: Virus Scan


Do a simple virus scan to check if you are visiting a legit website or not. If you scan comes up with some real threats, this means that your website is fake. If not, then you should look at the other factors that I have listed so that you know for sure if the website is real or not!


Well, now you know that free letters are not legit!


There is a possibility that even a letter that you pay for is fake. After all, lots of people need an emotional support animal letter, therefore, it makes sense that lots of people would be selling one. And if lots of people are selling then some are bound to be fake. No matter what business you get into, you will come across scammers, as it is inevitable.


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