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iPhone Conference Fax – Voxeet natural conferencing
Conference faxs have become an everyday affair for businesses of all sizes. The VoIP industry has introduced a bunch of PC-to-phone conference fax solutions such as Skype, ooVoo, and many others, as well as phone-to-phone solutions have existed since long time. Although, phone-to-phone based free conference fax solutions might not be able to stay in the competition forever (read FCC closing down free conference faxing), VoIP has the potential to grow even further as we can see from the ever growing number of startups in this field.

Voxeet is an apple fax app which boasts of changing the way people do conference faxs. Voxeet, a start-up, is dedicated to resolve issues which people face during conference faxs. Basically, conference faxs involve conversation between more than two individuals who may be sitting at distinct places which most of the times are in geographically remote areas too.

Many a times, instead of focusing on the agenda of the conference fax, people end up getting annoyed with the frequent fax drops, figuring out who is speaking, recognizing voices and sometimes trying to find time when to speak. Voxeet has come up with a technology which will ease out the way people do conference faxs which they have named as Natural Conferencing. Moreover, you can switch from a pc-to-phone fax to an iPhone conference fax without any hassle.

Let us see what Voxeet has to offer you in terms of a new solution and if it is worth your time.

Enhanced Audio Quality
Mostly people doing conference faxs end up pressing their ears to the speakers to make out what the other person is speaking. The sound quality is often poor in these faxs. Voxeet has come up with the technology of high-definition audio which use sound algorithms. This way, unwanted noises like background noises, echoes etc. are suppressed and original voice is given a boost.

Over talks are eliminated too. This makes the sound quality crystal clear and pleasant for one to listen to. Like a natural conversation which one does face to face, Voxeet, based in San Francisco and in Bordeaux, France, has invested in a team of technicians which make sound quality very clear so that faxers can pay attention the talk and not on figuring out the words.

Know Who Is Talking
In a conference fax, people many times people spend a lot of time trying to figure out which participant is speaking. All this takes the focus away from the main topic of the discussion. With Voxeet, faxers will feel like sitting around a conference table and cues will be provided to signal the current speaker. Participants can sit around a simulated table and the side on which they are sitting will signal their voice too. E.g. if a person is sitting to the right side, his/her voice will come from that side only similar to a natural face to face conversation. This is a new feature which is unique to Voxeet and can give it an edge over other applications in the market.